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Set apart from the main galleries and museums, the Tate Britain Art Museum on the Millbank has a kind of proud to be different air about it. This is one of the wonderful things about London. There is a nice surprise around almost every corner! The building opened on the site of the Millbank Prison in 1897 with help from money from Henry Tate, the wealthy Sugar Merchant and philanthropist. It houses British art since Tudor times and includes a large Turner gallery who bequeathed his collection to the nation.

You can catch a dedicated high speed boat from the pier just outside, down river to the Tate Modern (London’s mordern art gallery).

Fascinating Fact: It was from the dock just outside the old Millbank Prison, that prisoners¬† were shipped out in prison hulks to the Colonies (present day Australia). When they arrived down under, they had P.O.M. printed on the back of their prison uniforms. (Prisoner of Milbank) This could be the reason why Australians call the English ‘Poms’!