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Tales of the Thames

River Thames Tour of LondonThe River Thames has always been central to the development of London. Views of the London skyline change with every twist of the Thames. The many bridges provide a different view of London's landmark buildings, such as Big Ben and St Paul's Cathedral. From Tower Bridge to Chelsea, this tour gives you a real sense of the depth and variety of London's architectural history, with the chance to stop and take photographs wherever you want.

Special Christmas Tour

See the famous Christmas lights on Regent Street and Oxford Street (where only buses and taxis are allowed) and the traditional Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

London's Villages

If you feel like escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, then drive with us to one of London's villages and spend an hour or two exploring areas full of special English charm and character. Visit Greenwich, famous for its seafaring connections, with the maritime museum, Cutty Sark, and the meridian time line. Or take a trip to Hampstead, with its fashionable shope, cafes and bars, and the wide open spaces of Hampstead Heath. Or travel west to the Royal Borough of Richmond, a "village" full of antique shops, boutiques and cafes, situated between riverside and parkland, and then travel on to nearby Wimbledon, home of the world-famous Lawn Tennis Association Championships.

Real London

The London we see today is a vibrant mix of nationalities and cultures. See how and where these cultures have helped to shape London into the place it is today. See where the "Cockneys" live, where immigrant communities have influenced the character of different areas, and discover hidden streets and markets, marveling at London's diversity.

Secret London

A visit to London can include much more than the usual tourist attractions. This tour takes you to a London that most tourists never see. Behind the modern city hides London's long history - seventeenth century taverns with gripping tales to tell, and ancient churches with secrets locked inside. A Black Taxi Tour driver is the perfect guide to take you through fascinating backstreets crammed with history - which otherwise you'd be sure to miss. Throughout the tour, the gude points out London's hidden haunts, including those of the British secret services MI5 and MI6.

New London - Cool Britannia

Visit the London that is proud to lead us into the next millenium. This is the London that leads the rest of the world in terms of style, design, fashion and innovation. Visit London's most fashionable areas that are home to the trendiest clubs, shops and restaurants. See the areas where up and coming designers study, work and promote their work - and understand what makes London so cool.







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